Today’s Adventure:  I left the farm for a few hours. 
Jam Fact: I like driving on country roads, out in the open spaces. 

Today I drove down to Mundaring to pick up MY J’s “Luke” drug. [Thank you PBS] It was a very pleasant outing and I did not road rage on the way there or on the way back. Wonders never cease MY J said on my return – and yes I have been known over the years to participate in a spot of road raging especially when I drive in the metro area.

Lucky for me the lovely little area of Mundaring is not considered metro per se so I did not encounter anyone cutting in front of me when clearly there isn’t enough room or merging across when clearly I am in front of them! So yes no road rage incidents to report on at all today. Good one UNYOUNGJAM!

I stopped at the park because I was a tad early for the drug pick up and took the opportunity to snap a couple of photos over the fence. The ‘little people’ brought a smile to my face as did the goanna thing. 

It’s a great little park and when this is all over I am definitely taking MY J and I for a picnic there. 

I thought it productive to start a list of what MY J and I can do when the time comes to try and return our lives to normal whatever that will look like.

Number one on that list is a picnic in Mundaring Park. I spied a flying fox there in amongst the trees today and I have always wanted to have a go on one of those  – if it is strong enough to take this little UNYOUNGJAM I will be on it for sure.

Until tomorrow – enjoy this lovely Autumn weather as best you can. 


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