Hello and welcome to my land of BLOGGING.

Today’s Adventure: Connecting with Facebook – with help of course!
Jam Fact: MY J and I are staying surprisingly happy UNYOUNGS in our world of isolation. 

If this is your first time on the site now I am connected to Facebook a very warm welcome to you and thanks for joining me. 

So much sadness, so much distress and anguish and so many changes to the way we live and breathe are happening as I write but I am here to stay positive and to keep in touch with anyone who wishes to read MY BLOG via this internet world of ours. We are so lucky to be able to stay connected given the current set of circumstances that face us all.  

To begin with, for those who are meeting me – UNYOUNG JAM [that being Jenny Anne Mc] for the first time here’s a little as to why I WRITE MY BLOG.

I do it because: After my second big heart episode in 2019 I suffered from a very life-size bout of depression. To help me get out of that big “black” hole I made a pact with my counsellor and myself to have – AN ADVENTURE A DAY UNYOUNG JAM’S WAY for the rest of my life and so MY BLOG was born. [See the ABOUT ME section for full details.]

All my adventures, big or small, aim to keep me mentally in a good place i.e. happy to be alive. I endeavour to base those daily adventures on one or more of the following concepts.

Living as if there is no tomorrow. My YOUNG life was great. Now I am UNYOUNG I am making sure it will be even greater – with a capital G!

A very great big can do attitude.

Eating healthily [I do confess though that the occasional piece of chocolate or maybe two, sneaks into my mouth every now and then]

Completing, interesting inside and outside activities every day. [Completing things, that’s the important bit for me as I can be a procrastinator and then I get disheartened, then I feel sad and then I feel sorry for myself and that’s just not on anymore] Finishing a project, big or small every day always makes me happy because it gives me an undeniably good feeling  that I have done it – sounds a bit corny I know but it is what it is.

Planning and scheduling exciting “UNYOUNGness” state of mind activities every, two to three days. [These are the social activities with my friends et al that make me just smile thinking about them; currently on hold but I have a section at the back of my diary where I am making a big list of plans for when we ‘get out’ and can go for it. I can guarantee I’ll be going ‘hell for leather’ if you know what I mean as I hope you will be too.]

Keeping and maintaining a diary where I plan activities to happen every day. I have to plan otherwise I can flounder and that leads to a dark place … and UNYOUNG JAM is not going back there!

Snapping really, really, high-quality, interesting and good to look at photos of my escapades.

I have not, since starting MY BLOG in August 2019 [am now just going public with the help of  Facebook ]had any more depressive episodes, neither have I had any more heart episodes so I am, as you can appreciate, pretty thrilled about that.

If you choose to continue to connect with me via MY BLOG, you will make me very happy and in return, I hope in some way your reading of my escapades will make you feel at least a little bit happy too.

Until tomorrow – stay as safe as you can.


My favourite beach that I will be one day returning to.

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