Today’s Adventure: AROUND HALF the WORLD in PHONE CHATS or what felt like it.

Jam Fact: I like to use the internet, well obviously I like it even if it is just so I can post my Blog.  Over the last few weeks I have not been able to post it online but I have still been writing it every day so now I am  selecting a few of those musings to catch up on.  

Changing our Business Phone Account to become a Consumer Customer took heaps of calls – hard to believe when it is the same provider, same phone line, same modem and same ADSL connection but still what can I say? I am back on line and connected to the world again and in this Corona Virus climate it’s a thumb up from me to Telstra, especially after my ‘around half the world in 55 days’ experiences and then luckily ending up with the lovely young Jess from Townsville who was finally able to fix the problem.

I thought in my humble little mind, the changeover process would not be a major event but it turns out it was and I was ever so wrong [not often I admit to being wrong – as MY J will attest!] My concept of a simple ‘paper plan’ change, which started at the end of Feb, a bit before Covid 19 had really intensified was wrong because it wasn’t simple at all, it was major; Major with a capital M in Telstra speak if you know what I mean.

I will not bore you with all my frustrating details but will simply summarise my encounter with my provider by saying the following.

I may not be currently called ‘tech savvy,’ as I hadn’t worked out how to access email on my mobile subsequent to providing it with a new sim card – the what? Turns out not only did I learn what a sim card was, I could actually change it and could cut it to fit as well! Now that ‘all the drama’ is over, I can say I have learnt a great deal and for this little UNYOUNGJAM that’s saying a lot!

I can now do [what most every other UNYOUNG can probably do but for me it was a real achievement] a myriad of things in technical speak plus display extreme patience when under pressure to hold my tongue during the numerous phone conversations with India, the Philippines, and Sydney several times over and displayed a nonchalance when the Telstra person after — days finally advising us that we are now no longer business customers – just plain ordinary old ones and that we have been re-contracted, re-connected and re-acquainted with our same old, existing ADSL phone and mobile lines to the world without even a Telstra technician stepping into the hpuse!

The bits of trivia I discovered during that adventure which were conducted over to be fair – a good deal of time but hey I had time as I was already in lockdown so I need to get off that soap box – was that; of all the Indian personnel I chatted with, only one actually knew that Perth was somewhere in WA and as for the Philippine people, they had no idea where we were on the map – obviously I was in Australia somewhere but when I asked where specifically, they replied that they had never heard of Perth. Isn’t that sad that the most excellent State in Australia is so not known about – well in Telstra speak that is but then come to think of it I suppose that is not so bad after all as I don’t know the finer points about their countries either-except being told they were in lock down mode, some sleeping in Telstra premises etc.

 I reckon I do know a lot about WA though, as MY J and I over the decades have visited a lot of places and every one of them has provided us with many memories and given us much joy.  On that basis alone, methinks I shall apply to become an UNYOUNG “Come to WA” ambassador after this awful crisis has abated – I reckon I’d be good at it.

 If not that and I can finally work out how to successfully send and receive email on my Mobile, I could even be bestowed with the title of MISS UNYOUNG Tech Savvy of 2020. If nothing else I reckon I should be awarded the most long-suffering Telstra Customer of the year but given the current state in this ‘Covid 19 World’ I’ll be happy to just be awarded from MY J – The Best Lockdown Co-Habitant of the year.

Until Tomorrow – in these troubling times, take extra care and stay as safe as you can.


This morning's walk - top photo along the top boundary and below, our resident Magpie currently not in swooping mode but eyeing me off just the same.

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