Today’s Adventure: Online shopping is a new experience for me. What a world there is out there and this little UNYOUNG JAM has finally got her act together with it.I am getting to be “Tech Savvy!”

Jam Fact: I can now do 12 sit to stands from my computer chair whilst I wait for the photo to upload – not sure if I am getting fitter or our ADSL line is getting slower. 

Our nearest Online grocery shop is Woolworths, 50 minutes away in Midland. I was surprised that Northam and Mundaring don’t have the facility but there you go. What does this little UNYOUNG JAM know about the online grocery world!

Once I found my way around the Woollies site it was pretty easy to click on what I wanted and slot it into the Shopping basket oops Cart. The whole process was excellent. The only hiccup I had with my first order was with the 2 kilo of potatoes. I received just two little potatoes in the delivery bags [so there were no chips with MY J’s fish that week] but despite that little blip it was a good experience.

Given that we qualify for priority shopping – an UNYOUNG advantage plus MY J’s “Luke” and me with Cardio, round number two online ordering was delivered a few days ago. I received everything as ordered – well what was available to order but I was pretty happy with what arrived on the doorstep.

There were two hiccups; both of my doing but over all I reckon I did ok with it. One lonely apple came instead of 2 x one kilo bags plus numerous tins of cat food – they just kept falling out of the bags as we unpacked but that’s ok, hopefully ‘ Buttercup’, our cat is not planning to die anytime soon.

 I like to eat an apple a day, so not sure when I am going to spoil myself and savour the joys of that one lonely apple but that hiccup was completely overshadowed with the arrival of the two very big, dark chocolate Easter Rabbits. I got that bit right for sure.

 I haven’t had any chocolate for three weeks – so a small celebration occurred whilst watching TV that night and this little UNYOUNGJAM’S said choccie rabbit no longer has ears and maybe a bit of its nose and head  is missing too but I can tell you it was YUM. MYJ’s rabbit of course is still intact –keeping until Easter he says. I fear mine will be totally gone before this week is out and EASTER time but what the heck I’m planning on ordering another one in this week’s order. It will be much easier and faster to do this time as the last two had to be done from mobile –took ages because my fingers kept slipping off the buttons plus of course being ‘tech savvy’ was still a work in progress.

So all in all we are pretty happy with everything that has arrived so far, especially the AAA batteries because not sure what MY J [alias in charge of  the TV Remote]would do with himself if the Remote for the TV stopped working and there were no replacements!

My Online Shopping experience has also extended to some other really interesting sites; me becoming ‘Tech Savvy’ is happening as we speak and this little UNYOUNG JAM is ‘on a roll.’ Just currently looking for a good You tube site that helps me cut my currently way too long hair.

Until Tomorrow – be happy whenever you can.

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