Today’s Adventure:I just couldn’t take anymore COVID 19 stories last night so I hit a bit of a wall with what MY J called a little “Cabin Fever” moment. 

Jam Fact: MJ is the best co habit-ant I could have.

It hit me last night – we are here for the long haul. Our region [The Wheat belt] has now been officially cut off and I felt this immense sadness and so I had a little “Cabin Fever,”moment.  

But this BLOG is about positivity so here are today’s happenings at Hillside Gardens.

MY J gave me breakfast in bed and then I was up and ‘at ‘em’; donning my very smart gardening gear, [I dressed in a good pair of jeans, good shirt – why not when I will have saved so much money by not going to lunches etc that I’ll be able to buy top of the range new gear on the other side] – wheeling out the old barrow [tyre still pumped – it has been known to flatten itself on a regular basis and MY J has to take it up to the shed, start tractor and pump it up, not that he minds – but today all good to go], tools and packets of veggie seeds in hand and proceeded to plant another round of vegetable seeds. [First round has already come up so note to self – good spacing out UNYOUNG JAM so you don’t get a glut of anything]

I also pruned the olive trees [not sure if it is the season for pruning plus MY J had to give the old secateurs some WD or whatever it’s called – they’d rusted up a bit –not a lot of pruning trees goes on around here] that were hanging over the pathway to the rain gauge and little weather machine; other part of the machine is in the kitchen which I dusted off when I went back inside and discovered that indications are that rain will be upon us soon. The red tailed cockies were back in the trees adjacent to the house yesterday too – best rain forecasters you could have here in our part of the world.  So weather station is now accessible, beetroot seeds are now planted in my hanging baskets –usually kept for pansies but when I stocked up on seeds before lockdown, I wasn’t thinking about pretty things – just survival stuff. Never mind, I recall from the inner sanctums of my mind that Beetroot have pretty coloured leaves so the baskets will look OK. Had some lovely ‘tunes’ to listen to as well, the pink and greys were in the gums that hang over the shed and were happily dropping the nuts onto the roof which then proceeded to roll off  – strangely not really heard by me much before but quite melodic in its own way.

I heard “Costa” from the ABC Gardening program interviewed on my favourite gardening show last weekend [the UNYOUNG station, although I hear some YOUNGIES tune in to hear some of the golden oldie songs] and he said that they had enough gardening segments for the TV Show to last until September. Most of my friends are gardening madly away just like me, so I reckon after this is over, Costa won’t run out of visiting home gardens for the show for years – we’ll all may even be in the running for his Gardeners of the Year.

So, my ‘Cabin Fever’ has been blown away and I’m back in the positive zone; I’ve found a You Tube to learn how to cut my hair, stage one done –the fringe and over the ears –not looking salon quality good   but OK if you say it quickly.  Will be staying off SKPE and video hook ups for a few days – don’t want to scare people off or they may think I look like I’m suffering from a bit of cabin fever and we can’t have that.  But  on second thoughts who cares – if My J occasionally gives me a breakfast in bed, I reckon that beats any gossip I would get from my hairdresser!

Until tomorrow – think happy thoughts today.

The photo at the top is opposite the Region's road block and below the rain gauge is now clean and waiting for rain.

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