One of our family radios. I'm sure it something we all remember from past times with affection.

Today’s Adventure: A very productive kitchen adventure with MY J 
Jam Fact: Wonders never cease to amaze me. 

MY J, was “surfing the net” on his mobile – this is a new concept for him as he is not interested in technical stuff at all. His standard reply to anyone who asks him about why not, he will say – I have just got used to the wireless – he had to change that statement recently when a young friend of ours said well that’s not too bad because Wi Fi can get you lots of stuff – no wireless …as in a radio – which the reply in young age speak from a Millennium or whatever that group is called was, a radio?? Said ever so innocently with a frown on her face and it certainly made us feel a tad UNYOUNG.

Anyway, yesterday, MY J came across this beer bread recipe on his mobile which interested him; so into the pantry we went, found said ingredients [beer, SR Flour and sugar] for the mix and hey presto 10 minutes later our beer bread was in the oven.

45 minutes later – ‘Nigella’ eat your heart out – out of the oven came a loaf looking pretty good, smelling very good and the tasting of it did not disappoint. I had mine with ‘butter’ and jam, MY J jam and cream.

What a way to spend an afternoon. Good one MY J – can’t wait to see what you find next. Maybe in the process of “surfing the net” you will even get to learn your way around the SMS tool on your mobile and save me from typing all your responses to people who send you messages!

Until tomorrow – happy baking.



Note half of the beer bread has been eaten already!

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