Today’s Adventure: BANG … AND DOWN A PART OF IT COMES.Walking every day helps with my well being and fitness.

Jam Fact:I like to walk around our block.

From time to time trees come down unexpectedly on our property. Yesterday, we lost a limb from one of our larger trees. The sound of it hitting the ground was massive. When we saw the size of the bit that fell we understood why.

Luckily, nothing was underneath it, especially not MY J doing his morning boundary check up or me on my daily walk. 

Clean up will happen when MY J fires up the chain saw and then it will be added to the annual burn up pile. In the meantime the birds and the bees have had a field day on the left over blossoms and leaves, so not all is lost.

The tree is big enough to survive and grow on and the fence is certainly fixable so that’s also a plus.

Until tomorrow – happy walking in your part of the world.

13 sit to stands whilst waiting for the photo to upload. My first thought is I am getting better at them but 'Tech Savvy' UNYOUNG JAM has worked out that maybe the amount of time is to do with the number of pixels in the photo itself and not me getting any better at sit to stands!

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