Today’s Adventure: Upping my walking workout routine. 
Jam Fact: I used to be able to run quite fast. 

My morning ritual, except Sundays which is my rest day, just because I can- it used to be the day MY J took this little “Miss Daisy” driving; is a few yoga stretches, sometimes even managing a downward dog, walking and trying to have my 3000 steps done by 7.30; including my very physical, [not really that physical as I only use 1 kilo weights] Cardio workout. Then I wander the garden doing odd jobs until I hit 5000 steps. My Fit bit, yes all mod cons in this little UNYOUNGJAM’S world, is on alert so it zaps me when I reach that many steps and then I head back inside.

My Rehab Physio set my daily target at 7500 steps so if I have over half done by 8.00 am when I am back inside, the rest just comes easily along, especially as I am sweeping the floor every day now, [that’s only happened since lockdown] it fills in a good 10 minutes and I do about 500 steps as well so win/win all round.

My latest fad in my walking workout routine, is to include a bit and I mean a bit, of running – yes running [note to self – select a better word than run UNYOUNG JAM – OK then a shuffle is more like it] I definitely haven’t told MY J about this little addition to my workout as he would have a fit – a very big one in fact. So I ‘shuffle’ along the road in front of the olive tree which fortunately obscures his view from the house, so all good on that front!

These little UNYOUNG legs are getting a real workout now I started doing that though – I can currently manage 20 metres before I flag out; the aim is to be able to run the 100 metre road along the front of the house before lock down is over – that gives me plenty of time so no pressure there.[Note to self here- good one UNYOUNG JAM that you didn’t set the target to run the drive in from the road –that’s about 800 metres – so way, way beyond your capacity]

 Just for fun, I looked up times for my age group for the Master Games for 100 metres and no at the rate I’m going, definitely not currently meeting the qualifying time to be eligible to compete. Thank God say all those who still remember back to the Dinosaur days of my Australian athletics. Still I need to set myself little targets or I will go bonkers!

I take 5 minutes to get set up for my walks; hat, water, phone –set to 30 mins, nitro lingual spray in pocket in case heart has a hissy fit, plus camera out of bag and ready hanging off arm, otherwise I am too slow getting any shots –things move before I actually get around to snapping the photo. Like this morning, there were 3 kookaburras laughing away, 2 sitting along one branch down by the front gate –the other by the dam tree and as it was a bit nippy,  I was rugged up more than usual, so by the time I had my camera at the ready, got the UNYOUNG brain into gear to decide which of the kookaburras to take, then got camera focused and zoomed and was ready to press the go button, both lots had all gone missing from the photo scene and taken their very nice warbling with them!  

A bonus though, was whilst I was berating and laughing at myself for missing what would have been my photo of the week, I found one of the gums down by the gate in flower; it only has a few blossoms out as yet but pretty just the same.

So a good walking workout done, no heart spray needed which is always a bonus and the sun is shining – what more could this little UNYOUNG JAM want.

Until tomorrow – take care.


No idea of its botanic name but I say a very pretty pink gum blossom of some sort!

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