Today’s Adventure: Getting up early to see the sun rise. 
Jam Fact: I am really happy that MY J and I live in this part of the world. 

Haven’t seen a sunrise in quite a while but I did notice a few days ago on a recent TV weather forecast, that sunrise times and sunset times were closely aligned [missed when they actually did but not to worry – it’s in my note to self book for next time], so I thought what the heck and yesterday I put the alarm on a little earlier and up I got in time to see the sunrise.

It was well worth it and I was not in any way, shape or form disappointed or wishing that I was back in my warm bed.   I was initially surprised to hear so many birds warbling as day broke and the number of kangaroos not yet returned to their bush area at 6. 23 a.m. but what can I say other than it was a really beautiful thing to see and to share with the wildlife around us.   

I even felt a tad exhilarated with being up earlier than usual, not to mention I got a heap done during the day as well and then because it had been somewhat of a warmish day up here 30 + I was rewarded with a beautiful sunset and it also was  impressive to see.

I feel another Sunrise on my radar in the not too distant future, although temps overnight here have dropped below 10 so actually having the motivation to arise from my warm bed at such an early hour may be a challenge but I am up for it, if for no other reason than to prove to myself that this little UNYOUNG is not so UNYOUNG after all –be that in mind, body or spirit.

Until Tomorrow – even with all that is going on in this troubled world of ours – the sun will come up tomorrow and what more could we want.




Sunset view from our front verandah - I note both photos have dead tree limbs in them - not intentional!

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