Today’s Adventure: Out driving the UTE.

Jam Fact: I like to drive an automatic vehicle.

Yesterday I took myself on a little trip around our property. MY J suggested it as I think he thought a little “cabin fever” had set in again and methinks maybe he was right. So with water and camera at the ready I took off, well more like kangaroo hopped off as My J’s UTE is a manual and I am used to driving the family vehicle which is an automatic.

Yes the journey started with a little hiccup – I forgot, momentarily of course, that manual vehicles require either your left foot to actually engage the clutch or you need to put it in neutral gear when starting said vehicle – both of those things escaped my brain at the time of me pressing start but undaunted I refocused, got this little UNYOUNG brain into gear and on the second attempt, I successfully managed to sync myself with the vehicle’s requirements and so all was ready for my drive.

I reversed out of the shed without incident, turned and engaged it into first gear and then – the technique of releasing the clutch and accelerating at the same time appeared to be a little rusty too as the UTE and I proceeded to lurch off up through the gateway -just as well it is a wide one – heading towards the bush paddock.

[The driving away in a not so smooth a manner, reminded me of the time I went for my driver’s licence at the tender age of 18 in Narrogin, WA.  I owned a green A 40 at the time – my very first vehicle and as I was very nervous, the car literally hopped away from the police station with the Policeman saying to me, don’t worry everyone drives like that to start with which sort of helped me relax and drive like as if I knew how to – like extremely efficiently. Thankfully, after executing a very good 3 point turn – even if I say so myself – I recall it was the only thing I did do really well in that test and on reflection it probably was what convinced the Officer that I could in fact drive my car competently, I received my licence.]

 I drove initially along the gravel road which skirts the bush part of our property and then headed north towards the back boundary, eventually getting up the confidence to execute a smooth change into second gear. MY J grades the roads around  the property on a regular basis so it was a fairly smooth ride,  apart from having the water in the fire tank on the back of the ute sloshing around, making me feel like I was rocking on a boat in a bit of rough water. Seasickness is so my thing!

The long front paddock runs for about 900 metres, adjacent to Great Eastern Highway and our  “road” along the fence line is actually the ploughed firebreak so it is a bit of a bumpy ride along it but given the water tank wasn’t ensuring I had a smooth ride anyway –what the heck – it all added to the excitement of the drive – I was out and about and that counted for a lot.

 Half way along, I thought I’d stop to see how many vehicles would pass on what is normally an extremely very busy highway. Yes you guessed it- foot on brake but forgot I was driving a manual, no clutch in and so I lurched to a stop. A bit of whiplash but never mind I was able to watch the roadway and yes the traffic is way, way down in numbers so obviously a lot of  people are  paying attention  to the ‘isolation rules’ up here in our part of the world.  

I started the UTE up again – no hitches this time, brain definitely into gear as well as the UTE, came back around the firebreak and back towards the shed and finally pulled up at the house.  It was a 3.5 kilometre round trip  in all and I had to admit to MY J on my return, that I definitely felt a whole lot better.  

MY J had lunch ready–I think secretly glad that his UTE had come back in one piece – although he didn’t say anything but I saw the once over he gave the UTE when I pulled up at the house even if it was covertly done!

Methinks I shall make the drive out and about a weekly thing from now on as I did enjoy it, maybe I shall invite MY J to accompany me or maybe not as I’d be the ‘back seat driver/come passenger and it wouldn’t be half as much fun that way.

Not all of us have the luxury of acreage to spread our wings a little but if you do, take a break and go for a ride. I’m sure you will enjoy it just as I did.

Until tomorrow –smile at your reflection as you pass an outside window.

P.S Am following the – “Move More April Challenge” as I wait for my photos to upload to the website these days and for an UNYOUNG I’m doing OK with it.

A very quiet Great Eastern Highway + pipeline to Kalgoorlie.

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