The 'Birthday Girl' with new pram -1950.

Today’s Adventure: I have found another LOCKDOWN activity that will certainly last the distance of time!

Jam Fact: I have heaps of old photos to sort out and when done, I need to work out what to do with them.

Pre Digital Photos – we all have them. Ours were stuffed in a basket in the office area until Easter arrived in our household.

Let’s sort out the photos I said to MY J; that will productively fill in the Easter period!

MY J’s response to that idea was not met with an abundance of enthusiasm I must admit but as per normal, I blithely carried on. Where to begin I said – well says MY J –always the intelligent one in the partnership – why don’t you sort them into YOUNG JAM, YOUNG MY J and then the MAC era. So into 3 piles they went. No family egg hunts happening over the Easter period this year just photo hunts but some good conversations were had … like remember the time when we …. etc,etc. Can’t believe how many copies we had of the one thing though but still we [I use the term WE loosely here, as MY J was absorbed with other more important things on his mobile like finding some tasty new recipes for us to try] have made a start; now what to do with those photos [apart from throwing them out] that were deemed for whatever reason, worthy of being kept in the photo basket in the first place.

The YOUNG JAM photos have been tentatively placed in a sort of chronological order. There are a fair few black and white ones; the change to colour happening when I was about 18; that difference certainly, in the sorting and categorizing process, came in very handy believe me.

I feel a spot of ‘Mrs Googling’ coming on over the next few days as I definitely need some help with the solving of the dilemma I have now inadvertently created…what to actually do with all the now sorted YOUNG JAM  photos plus of course all the to be sorted YOUNG MY J’s and then the ones that record  pretty much 2/3rds of my life, the MAC’s.   Then … we have a stack of digitals as well to do something with. Plenty of time to get it sorted out whilst in Lockdown though – just as well the powers that be say maybe it will go on for 6 months as clearly with the amount of photos we have accumulated I am going to need it! 

Easter is over for this year and whilst no physical contact was made with our  families, we made contact in a very heart warming ‘photographic memories’ way and it turned out to be a not so bad Lockdown Easter after all. 

Until tomorrow – “You’re only human. You live once and life is wonderful, so eat the damned red velvet cupcake.” – Emma Stone

 [I reminded myself of this quote whilst thoroughly enjoying eating my very big Choccie Easter Bunny]

Still have pram ... sans hood but still in not bad a condition.

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