Today’s Adventure: Who would have thought that going for your old flu needle would be so exciting.

Jam Fact: We have had a flu needle every year since we became UNYOUNGS.

Yesterday, we left Hillside Gardens for an outing to Glen Forrest to get our annual Flu needle injections. I was so excited. Why – because it was the prospect of going to a place where I could speak, face to 1 metre apart face, to an actual person. It was only the Doctor’s surgery I know but still it was a change of pace and I had the not so often these days opportunity, to see someone for real, like physically in person, not a Skpe or video chat view if you know what I mean. Plus we had to go through the much publicised COVID 19, Road Block which is situated on Great Eastern Highway at The Lakes. We had subtly named it “CHECKPOINT CHARLIE,” as it is in a similar spot to where the Booze Bus often hangs out.

The pull in part was not dissimilar to the breathalyser format but the documentation component was the exciting bit – having our vehicle recorded, showing the driver’s licence … MY J now has a beard so the young Policeman had to look twice to see if it was actually him, plus view both our phones with our SMS to say Dr appointment for flu needle. Then being waved from our Region, all very formally through into the next Region – very exciting, so I took a couple of photos of the location for the family album!

We were lucky enough to have our favourite Irish nurse on duty to give us our jabs and she, plus our Doctor chatted happily away with us – a bonus here as we had two face to face conversations – until our 20 minutes were up. No charge as we are of course UNYOUNG, so as no other face to face conversations at the Dr Surgery were on offer, we headed back up to ‘Checkpoint Charlie’; same procedure, another police person peered and frowned at MY J’s beard compared to his Driver’s Licence photo, again being waved through without incident and finally wending, my now starting to get sore flu needle arm, home to H.G.

So, the flu needles were done and dusted for another year and the not all day Lockdown outing was pretty exciting for the two UNYOUNGS who reside at Hillside Gardens so all good here.

Until tomorrow- stay as safe and as happy as you can.

Our 'Checkpoint Charlie.'

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