Sunset from front verandah.

Today’s Adventure: Not a lot of photos shot this week – out and about I am not – but it was harder to pick a winner just the same.

Jam Fact: Maybe subconsciously I just knew I had lots of time on my hands, so I was very laissez-faire about it all plus the few I took were actually in focus, so I spent some time just admiring the shots and commenting to myself…good one UNYOUNG JAM, you are making photographic progress

BUT I am not bigheartedly giving myself too many compliments here because on the, these are really good photo continuum and in UNYOUNG JAM speak, I am moving along nicely but that said continuum is pretty long and it will be realistically quite a while methinks before anyone engages me to take say –‘The Firemen’s’ Photos for their 2021 Calendar. Nonetheless progress of any kind is just that …progress and I’m pretty happy about that.

We have had a run of hot, 37+ degree days in our part of the world recently and so I couldn’t go past my late evening snap [yes I finally discovered that my little camera has a button to use for night photos] from the front veranda looking West across the front paddock where the red tailed Barnaby have been hanging out, for my winning shot this week.

Second place goes to a picture of one of my correa reflexa plants [That’s the name the label says, not because I actually know it.] I planted 3 of them about 3 years ago and this is the first time they have flowered – so photo chosen simply because they have finally liked the garden bed enough to produce some pretty nice little flowers.

I shall have to think ‘outside the Lockdown square’ for what subjects I can take photos of this coming week.

Until tomorrow – being happy is not an elusive thing if you create it yourself. 


Finally it has bloomed.

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