My favourite beach-Cottesloe.

Today’s Adventure: Imagining my next beach excursion and ‘walking’ to it in the meantime. 
Jam Fact: I love the beach.

We love going down to the beach – Cottesloe is one my favourites and MY J takes Unyoung Jam aka ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ about once a month for my fix of fish n chips by the water’s edge followed by a really good coffee. Due to COVID 19 a beach visit has been of course out of the question and that has been sorely missed by one UNYOUNG JAM.

So…when the curfew is lifted MY J and I plan to take a little drive North to PT Dennison, another of my favourite beaches [an old stamping ground for MY J as he was brought up on the Greenough Flats – just a stone’s throw away, so he knows the area well.] We have visited Dongara lots of times, especially in recent years when we go on our annual sojourn to see the wildflowers, especially the striking wreath flower which is always accompanied by a Station Stay; last year’s was at Malangatta, the year before Kirkalocka and the year before that Wooleen. All have special spots on their properties where you can enjoy [with wine and cheese of course] the stunning sunsets that the W.A. Murchison  has to offer and as I am partial to a good sunset or maybe it’s the eats and drinks oops maybe MY J’s company or does that go without saying –whatever the reason, I love those times away, so am undeniably looking forward to this year’s planned trip.

The walk along the beach inlet at Dongara is also something to see at sunset time and the evening meal is pretty much a given – delectable crayfish – Dongara being heart of crayfish catching country, so what more can I say than a very special ‘Lockdown is over’ treat is awaiting me sometime soon.

 In the meantime, I thought that I might just walk to PT Dennison instead… via the Heart Foundation Walking APP. [It’s only a  ‘stroll’ of a mere 381 kms from B.Hill [Note to self – some ‘heart app walkers’ are doing heaps more than your target – but none the less, way to go Unyoung Jam.] https://www.facebook.com/groups/HFWalking/?ref=group_header

 So yesterday I registered Day One on my Dongara walking timeline; I covered 6.04 kms,so I am on my  way, only 375 kms to go and …Pt Dennison beachgoers, get ready for me because  here I come.

Until tomorrow – I reckon walking is good for the soul –well it does it for me! Stay safe and take care.

Pt Dennison - boat off to get my crayfish!

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