Blue Tongue's home garden. Old Man Kangaroo's bush home.

Today’s Adventure: Cleaning up after the YOUNG, TEENAGE and UNYOUNG H.G. Residents.

Jam Fact:I pick up Old Man Kangaroo, Baby Blue Tongue Lizard and Mr Bung Arrow’s droppings from the front lawn every morning. I hear it is good fertiliser for native plants, so I should see some really good flowers this year, because there’s a lot to pick up!

NEW RESIDENTS join Mr Bung Arrow at HG.

Mr UNYOUNG, alias Old Man Kangaroo, has decided to take up residence in the bush area adjacent to the house. We think he was originally part of the mob that used to come and feed on the good green undergrowth that existed there.  The mob no longer comes but he remains, resting and relaxing in the bush during the day, wandering the house block late afternoon and at night he gets his daily dose of vitamins from nibbling on the front lawn. We know this from the evidence he leaves  behind…his many droppings!

Our new YOUNG resident has set up home in the front rose/ lavender garden. It is a baby blue tongue lizard. He /She… not picking it up to see what gender it is, as they weren’t always ‘friends’ of mine… has been sighted happily wandering the front lawn area during the day. When I first had my driver’s licence, I use to ‘scare them’ on the road  in my A 40[ shock, horror I know] – payback for scaring the living daylights out of me when I was young and had to run the gauntlet from our house to our outside toilet in Baldivis. I even screamed the house down one day when I was about 6 and one – yes scallywag YOUNG JAM was taunting it at the time, bit me on the foot and I learnt the hard way that they have lockjaw!  My Blue Tongue phobia has sort of abated now and we welcome he/ she to our garden, as there is some rumour that says Blue Tongues keep the snakes away and as we haven’t seen any this season, we are believing it…well more to the point this little UNYOUNG JAM is.

We consider their manures, together with Mr Bung Arrow’s to be an added bonus to our fertilising stocks and trust that the native plants around the place are appreciating the extra boost to their soils. The two new additions to the wildlife here at H.G. are certainly welcome sights and this little UNYOUNG JAM has no urges to scare or run them away, any time soon.

Until tomorrow – remember to be kind to yourself.

Early morning sky here at home today.

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