Our afternoon sky looks like we might be in for a bit of rain.

Today’s Adventure: Making bread in my Bread Machine has always been a bit of a hit and miss affair. Sometimes the premixed loaf results are good, other times – bread not so good!

Jam Fact: I love the smell of bread baking … nothing better than a fresh slice of bread and the condiments I can add! 

I decided during my last week of Toilet Paper buying which is a few weeks ago now, to pick up some bread mix, everyone else was, so I joined them. I  picked up the last two on the shelf and it did flash through my mind at the time … being last did that mean they weren’t the best ones? Probably but undaunted, I pressed on and yesterday I gave bread making another go.

I “dug out” the Bread Machine from a slightly obscure place; when I was upgrading my pantry shelves a while back I put all the things no longer in use to the floor of the pantry, pushing them well back then stacked other things on top, you know so I could clear up more space in the storage shelves above plus I made a mental note to self that they were all giveaways and I’d organise for their removal some time soon. 

So as the removals hadn’t actually happened, I had to literally dig THE bread machine out of said storage. [Why was it in the give away pile I asked myself?]  On to the bench top it went and with bread making premix packet in hand I commenced to do what it said on the packet; doesn’t it always say, easy to follow directions … well they for once were easy for this little UNYOUNG JAM  and Voila!

 4 hours later, with the kitchen oozing with that very nice bakery smell, a very successful looking loaf of bread was turned out. It was nice and brown and crusty, not our usual variety [plus the loaf had a pretty big hole in the middle] but it still tasted Yum. It was fresh bread which we haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying for a few weeks so on a scale of 1 -10 it definitely came in at a 10.

So if this little UNYOUNG JAM can make her old machine [ definitely not in the give away pile now]craft a tasty loaf of bread – anyone can!

 Until tomorrow- safe is the word of the day or is it for the week … probably, definitely, for the month. Take care. 

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