The first of the bottle brushes are out.

Today’s Adventure: Being UNYOUNG has its moments and staying on my feet is one of them.

Jam Fact: I like walking.

My little adventure of ‘walking to Pt Dennison via the Heart Foundation Walking app’ https://www.facebook.com/HFWalking/ had a bit of a hiatus last week.

Had to take a raincheck as I did not stay on my feet; managed to upend myself on our gravel driveway which resulted in a couple of fractured/ bruised ribs and I am at present still in the ‘nursing it better phase.’ Despite that very unladylike topple, [no one around to witness said fall so that was a plus] my walking trip to Pt Dennison has started off in excellent fashion because before the not staying on my feet occurred, I had walked a total distance of 35.58 kms. That means that on my walking map, I’m almost at the rural community of MUNDARING, where I love to shop and have a coffee with MY J, so a great start to Week One.

Only 371 kms to go but a definite plus to me being UNYOUNG, means that over time I have managed to develop a fair bit of resilience. So, I am confident that if the old ribs are feeling like an outing and life here is without any further upending incidents, I will definitely be resuming the walking adventure to Pt Dennison in the not too distant future.

Until next time – well until I can be assured that these little UNYOUNG legs won’t trip up again –hope you stay on your feet!  

My UNYOUNG friendly resident.

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