J & I's very smart wheels and our picnic basket...sharing a Sultana Rock Cake.

Today’s Adventure: A COVID 19 chat, or should I say… a COVID 19 chew the fat chat. An outing across the paddocks to our Northern boundary fence line [a drive of about 2 kms there and back]

Jam Fact:I like to talk to people.

One lovely autumn [partial sunshine/ intermittent clouds] morning last week, we met our good neighbours J & I over the fence [excellent 1.5 metre social distancing achieved] for a coffee and chat.

I baked a special batch of heart friendly Sultana Rock Cakes for the occasion and chat we did.

Did we chat long? Only for about 3 and a half hours!

Did we chew the fat? We most certainly did!

Were we in need of a social interaction fix? I’d say so and this little UNYOUNG JAM has already written herself a reminder note to do it again before the autumn days here are over.

Until next time – I hope the autumn days in your part of the world are pretty good days to enjoy.

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