LIVE LIGHTER – well you would if you didn’t add the extra condiments UNYOUNG JAM!

My Live Lighter pear pancake stack.

Today’s Adventure: A new experience in the kitchen today.

Jam Fact:I love pancakes and pears.

Being more adventurous in the kitchen sounded like a good idea, so I went with it this morning. 

I  unearthed some recipes that would not only appeal to my senses but would fall inside my talent range, which if I am truly honest with myself here, is limited at best. 

Live lighter sounded like a good place to start and it was because I found a pear pancake recipe. It ticked all my boxes … I love pancakes and pears and making them was well within my cooking ability range. Luckily I had a pear… I was gifted one from J & I during our boundary fence chat last week – I didn’t get any in my delivery box so they gave me one of theirs because they knew I liked them. [Good neighbours indeed!]

The juicy pear gave the pancakes a really nice flavour, I’d say delicious [whilst smacking my lips] is a very good descriptor for them.

So, a really easy to make breakfast was had, mine were devoured with maple syrup and yoghurt, MY J had his with honey. They were given a resounding score of 10 – always a good omen that I should make more another day. [Note to self … next time knock off the maple syrup condiment and then you might actually live lighter UNYOUNG JAM!]

So I am now on the lookout for some other ‘out of my comfort zone recipes’… so that should keep me amused for a while.

Until tomorrow – it has been said that the best way to cheer one’s self up is to try something new – well I’m onto that!

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