Mum’s old singer treadle sewing machine.

A very happy young Jennifer Anne wearing a much loved Mum made skirt.

Today’s Adventure: Still sorting out the old photos, a very good staying indoors activity now the rains have come!

Jam Fact: I loved my young growing up years.

My Dad bought my Mum a Singer Treadle Sewing Machine when I was born in Northampton,WA, 72 years ago. My Mum made all of my clothes when I was young and continued to do so up until I was 18 years old, when because I wanted to be like most of my friends, I started buying my own clothes and so I gave poor old Mum the sack from her much loved hobby.

I inherited the infamous machine when I turned 21. I still have it today; it still goes like a charm even with my UNYOUNG legs working the treadle. It is in sewing semi retirement now but my laptop sits happily on its well worn wooden table top.

The machines of that era are pretty common pieces in cafes these days…good vibe decor I think they say but for me, mine is a bit of an heirloom and so it is not leaving this house anytime soon.

Hopefully we both will reach the 100 year old milestone together – still in good working order.

Until tomorrow – we  trundle on.

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