Mum's treadle sewing machine at work plus a bit of smocking!

Today’s Adventure: The Family Photos – I have finally finished the sorting and all the discarding has been done. Just need to work out how to store them now.

Jam Fact: I had a childhood filled with such a lot of fun.

Seeing as I finished sorting out all the old family photos, I couldn’t go past my favourite one of me as a child as the stand out winner this week. Not one of mine obviously but maybe one day my photographic skills will capture the mood of what I think is an adorable innocence – I reckon I looked so adorable – butter wouldn’t melt! Now as UNYOUNG JAM I think sometimes that butter has well and truly melted.

Second place this week goes to the majestic white swans on The Avon River.  They gave me such a feeling of peace as I sat earlier in the week, watching them glide so serenely along.

Until next time – hope you have a great weekend – ENJOY!