The newly painted bank, a jazzy new car spied when I went into Northam for a coffee and chat today.

Today’s Adventure: Making a ‘healthy’ Pasty Pie.

Jam Fact: I love my new Pastie Pies made with Filo. 

My Mum made the best pasties when I was growing up – using her own home made pastry. I cannot recall that I ever had a go at making my own pastry for pies – ever; so hats off to My Mum for repeatedly making it so successfully for all of my growing up years. [My Mum’s pies always got my number one vote and she was still making them for us when she was 92 years old, with the help of  bought pastry of course.]

 I have always bought readymade Puff Pastry but since the big Heart Episode I have tried to follow the recommended low fat diet so Filo is the best option if I want to savour a Pasty Pie these days; however I must confess that Filo and I have never been friends in the kitchen as I have never been able to manage it…until yesterday when I finally mastered how to use it…with the help and tips from You Tube and Mrs Google plus putting the message to this UNYOUNG’s brain on replay so that it said…you need to be very gentle when using Filo if you want it to b successful UNYOUNG JAM.

Well, we were definitely ‘on the same page’ because I successfully for the first time ever, made a Vegetable Pie using it and it came out looking and ultimately tasting pretty good, even if I say so myself.

What did I do differently? Simple really when you boil it down, I just followed the directions to handle each layer gently and to take it slowly – yes after all these years UNYOUNG JAM has finally followed the instructions correctly. Obviously I need to thank COVID 19 here because I definitely have plenty of time on my hands these days so I can actually go slowly and the technique of methodically layering each sheet carefully and successfully was finally mastered. Special thanks obviously need to go to You Tube and Mrs Google…God those two sites are a whole new world to this little UNYOUNG JAM and I can’t wait to search them both for my next cooking challenge seeing as this one was so successful.

My J said the Pie was a definite winner and asked if it could go on our all time top ten list of good things to eat. This little UNYOUNG JAM can’t get a better result than that so Filo and I are no longer a daunting adventure and we are definitely going to meet again – My Mum would be ever so pleased.

Until Tomorrow – happy baking.

VERY happy to see the bees still in action in the vegie patch.

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