TODAY’S ADVENTURE :MY WEEKLY PHOTO HAT IS ON and it really was a no brainer to pick my winning photo shot this week. 

JAM FACT: I love watching the birds here in my part of the world.

Hello Mr Red Breasted Robin –what a pleasure it is to see you.

Every autumn, a little group of red breasted robins or as I called them growing up – Robin Red Breasts – come to live in the bushes near our house. It is the only time of the year I actually see them so not sure where they spend the rest of the year. Maybe I should find out because I so enjoy seeing them and they are such a pleasure to have around.

One of them, a male I reckon because his chest is a very striking red, swoops in under the back veranda and sits, well more like bobs up and down, twitting away on the pool fence looking in at me as I sit at my ‘work station’ which overlooks the pool area.

 [Note to self… seriously UNYOUNG JAM a work station? You surely have not forgotten that you retired many moons ago. You don’t actually ‘work’ at anything anymore except maybe hobbies and carefree pastimes so you can’t really say a work station – maybe work with as little exertion as possible station would be a better description – self has duly noted.]

My window provides me with a front row seat to all the various proceedings that materialize each afternoon [resident old man kangaroo, or the very frisky bung arrow, or the two retired alpaca wethers or a myriad of birds] and as I sit, checking my one [or maybe two if I get lucky] emails, look for a new Mrs Google recipe or write my wellbeing BLOG update, I have the rare privilege of watching Mr Red Robin performing his antics along the pool wall.  He is a pretty mesmerising little thing, with his oh so handsome red chest, very pretty patterned black and white tail and as he struts his stuff, I pause and wonder whether he will come any closer so that I may see what colour his eyes are; all the while saying to myself, how lucky am I to be able to sit here and gaze at this gorgeous little bird; then realisation dawns, message arrives at brain central, unyoung legs and body swing into action, the camera is zoomed and focused and hey presto a photo of the lovely interlude is fittingly recorded.

I wouldn’t swap the view from my window for anything and if I could have only actioned this UNYOUNG brain into gear a little quicker I would have captured him in an even better light. Is it the same bird as last year? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a new bird? Can’t answer that and I want to, so I most definitely will now have to do some research and find out what  I can about our very special autumn residents, Mr Red Breasted Robin and family.

So Red Breasted Robin photo – first place this week; second place goes to the autumn scenes I managed to capture whilst in Midland this week. 

Until next time – here’s to a fabulous weekend.

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