An autumn walk  in Midland 

Today’s Adventure: Staying upbeat, as I walk on to Pt Dennison.

Jam Fact: I love walking in my sage green, lace up boots.

My favourite walking boots and I, walked 48.45 kms this last week – definitely my best week so far since I started out on this little escapade. By my reckonings on my ‘pretend walk to Pt Dennison’ I have almost reached Cataby. [When we came through there last year, the Roadhouse had excellent toasted ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches on offer. Hope they still do because I could certainly do with an along the way boost!]

Best statistics this week are that I am way past one third of the way to my crayfish dinner.  

In reality the COVID 19 ‘Border’ to Geraldton and the Mid West is still in play but I reckon by the 25th JUNE when we plan to actually drive to Pt Dennison, I will have walked the equivalent distance – how so UNYOUNG JAM?  Well, if for the next 6 weeks I keep up the same pace, that will be 6 weeks @ 40 kms a week = 240 kms so that would be a YES with a margin of a little kms to spare.  

I just need to keep up the pace and momentum BUT as I’m feeling pretty perky at the minute, I am certain that the very smart upmarket walking boots and I, can do it. 

Until tomorrow – happy walking in your part of the world.

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