My SCARLET ROBIN tracing - first embroidered square for the new project.

Today’s Adventure: A new sewing project commenced during COVID 19. A double quilt – made up of 24 squares.

JAM FACT: Still happily sewing on… it’s good for my soul.

 A new project was hatched during COVID 19 lockdown. Maybe a tad ambitious for this little UNYOUNG JAM’S skill set  – none the less , undaunted I ventured on – a hand embroidered double quilt – but why not I say! [Besides if I run out of steam I could always just settle for a single quilt instead.]

So, unconcerned as to the depth of the task I set myself, I commenced the new project a few weeks ago. All the squares have now been cut and I began locating some pictures to trace [I went with the theme of birds and flowers] but all the pictures I sourced appeared to be just not Australian enough for me.  My thinking brain, which is always in some sort of action…sometimes I wish it would just stay in neutral… tried to solve the problem and it eventually came up with the idea that I could use my bird / flower photos as the embroidery patterns. That would make it a very definitely unique and individually inspired UNYOUNG JAM project – so I set about organising myself to do just that.   

Initially it was a bit of a challenge to get the right sizing and outlines but after some false starts I had my first tracing ready to embroider. Guess what it was – yes my Red Breasted Robin on the pool wall – my winning shot for the week just gone by. [It turns out, that it is not a Red Breasted but a SCARLET Robin! Thanks to some resourceful thinking from my friend G S and her trusty bird book, we identified him as such. I also found out that these beautiful little birds mate for life and I see them up here at this time of the year as it is their nesting season.]

As I have a fondness for this  bird … he and his lifelong partner this afternoon have been prancing up and down the pool wall…I’m yet to be quick enough to zoom and focus and capture them together but have left out some stuff to help them make their nest softer so am hoping they may stay still long enough for me to snap my winning photo for this week!… I think it appropriate that the Scarlet Robin is the first square I sew and hopefully I can somehow in the end make it into the centrepiece for said quilt. 

So, with one square down and only 23 to go, I happily sew on.

Until tomorrow – hope you are enjoying the autumn weather wherever you are.

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