Will I get fruit on my young lime tree this year?

Today’s Adventure: Finding all the insects in the garden. 

JAM FACT: I am a fan of limes. 

And my winning photo for this week is?

This week I was a little light on in the taking photos department but I did manage to snap a few so my photographic cupboard was not entirely bare. I was hoping that Mr and Mrs Scarlet Robin would treat me to a ‘family photo’ on the pool wall but alas they were very elusive this week. I only spied them flitting in amongst the scrub trees so obviously they were being at home bodies and adventuring out was not on their radar. Maybe their babies have already burst from their shells … shall have to stand quietly under where I think they have nested and carefully listen and observe. If I get lucky I may even get to capture the whole family of Scarlet Robins.  Wouldn’t that make for a winning happy snap. 

So my winning shot for this week is … as a wind/rain storm is on its way, we have an abundance of ants running about all over the place; acting as if there is no tomorrow. I found a group of them on my lime tree flowers, all busily running back and forth across the flowers, skilfully racing up and down the stems and then bustling off to their nest built at the bottom of a nearby gum tree. Hopefully either their activity or the bees that are also currently humming their way around the flowers will result  in some successful fertilisation and the  up shot will be some juicy, flavoursome fruit later in the year. That will be just excellent because I have discovered that lime juice and smashed avocado go very nicely together. So if our freshly picked limes straight off the tree are on the cards that will be a bonus.

My runner up shot this week goes to the bees in my Flowering Princess Silver Gum. It is flowering profusely and the bees are having a field day.

So all good in my part of the world – the insects are highly active, the birds are in abundance and the paddocks and gardens await the forthcoming rain. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to get some good shots of the storm – the red alert warning has already been issued so until next time – Take care and Stay Safe.


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