Up in the bush part of the block.

Today’s Adventure: Walking to the Elton John song — “I’m still standing.” 

JAM FACT: I am an Elton John fan. [From afar. ie: I am not a member of his official fan club.] 

I am making really great progress on my “imaginary” walking journey to Pt Dennison. WA.

A total of 48.34 kms was walked by this little UNYOUNG JAM last week. That puts me just past Badgingara – a superb area for wildflower spotting in late winter/ spring – good rest rooms can be found at the petrol stop plus there’s a nice picnic area if you want to stop off and smell the gums.

So, I am over HALF – yes that’s right – over half way to the crayfish dinner. YEAH!

My best day was the last one when I surpassed my previous step record and completed 11822 steps! [8.02 kms] all done in and around the farm and surprisingly I didn’t feel that zonked out after it. Maybe I could up the ante and do that many steps every day … hmm I’ll think about that.

One of the days saw me venture up into our bush area … have to be careful up there as a lot of uneven surfaces are just waiting to upend me and as I’ve already had one lot of fractures this year, trust me, I do not need any more. I walked through the grass tree area [we haven’t ‘lost’ any in the 20 years we have been here] and it was good to see them all just silently, standing tall and majestic in the morning sun.

No spills this week, always a plus for me and as the Elton John Song says … I’m still standing yeah, yeah, yeah and that is most definitely a plus for this little UNYOUNG JAM.

Until next time – it’s  be kind to myself week and I hope you will be be kind to yourself too.

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