Meet the hiker!

Today’s Adventure: I HAVE HIKING POLES.

Jam Fact: I like to walk up the back of our block into the bush.

This idyllic autumn weather is just right for bush walking. However in the past, our bush block has been a tad treacherous for this little UNYOUNG JAM’S feet. 

After my last upending, it was suggested by MY J and a few others that maybe a walking stick would be helpful. Now expletives don’t often come out of this little UNYOUNG JAM’S mouth but on that occasion a couple did slip out.

Amazing how the first response out of my mouth these days, is pretty much a negative one [on reflection, the truth is I have pretty much always been pessimistic] but none the less I did not see myself qualifying to be in the walking stick category.

No, No MY J says [phew –he doesn’t quite see me as that rickety]…walking or hiking poles. You know the ones hikers use. Well, that’s a different kettle of fish! Yes I can most certainly see myself as an intrepid hiker. So one pair of adjustable poles was promptly ordered and then the wait began for their delivery. I thought I’d ordered them from a W.A store but somehow the order ended up with Jarrod, a very nice young man in Queensland. 9 weeks later Jarrod messaged to say they had landed at the Post Office, so yesterday I picked up my one pair of you beaut walking/hiking poles.

Great excitement was had by MY J and I; firstly with the unwrapping [they are black, white and yellow zig-zag patterned- very trendy looking] then with the fitting and shortening, followed by the practising around the house so I could master said poles and then finally with all systems go I headed north off into the bush area.

It’s quite rocky right up the back but the poles were of great assistance and I felt very much in control of my feet which doesn’t often happen on rock-strewn ground, well sometimes on any surface if I am really honest.

So now that this amateur but none the less intrepid little UNYOUNG ‘hiker’ has officially christened AND mastered the knack of actually using her up-to-the-minute, smart looking poles effectively, she is on the lookout for another locale to take her poles and walking feet.  

Until next time – happy walking wherever you are.


Through the bush I go.

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