No idea what gum it is from but I reckon its seed pod looks pretty unique-so it's my winning shot this week.

Today’s Adventure: Discovering very interesting things about a gum tree happily growing in our driveway. 

Jam Fact: I discovered that I know very little about the growing life of gum trees. 

I donned my photo hat with a little trepidation humming in my ears this week as it’s been very wet and bleak – great autumn, merging into winter weather in my part of the world but…my boots had limited opportunity to get out and about in order to discover any attention-grabbing stuff but luckily I managed to spy one of the gum tree flowers in the driveway going into its seed pod stage. I thought it such a fascinating little quirk of nature that I couldn’t resist taking a snap. So … the winning shot for this week it is.

Second choice this week goes therefore by default to the earlier stages of this gum tree flowering process  – flowering and in I don’t know what other stage. I don’t even know the type of gum it is but it puts on a really good show when it bursts into flower and it is certainly one of my favourites in amongst the other gums lining our driveway. 

My Photo Judging Hat will be on again next week; so the challenge is for this little UNYOUNG JAM’s boots to get out there and search and discover some really eye catching bits and pieces to photograph.

Until next time – happy ‘snapping’ in your part of the world.


I have finally worked out how to insert photos side by side. ‘Tech savvy’ here I come! 

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