Winter joy.

Today’s Adventure: The visit to the treadmill station et al. 

Jam Fact: I do not like the month of May – over the past 3 years my heart has chosen this month to have a hissy fit.

My annual heart check up happened last week and whilst all is good [didn’t fall off treadmill, improved on my previous distance in the allotted 14 minutes of walking the moving platform, plus recorded a very good cholesterol reading…all excellent evidence that my walking and dietary program is working] I did have my memory jogged on the impact of the disease and how it progresses, so I need to continue to maintain a positive outlook and a healthy lifestyle which of course includes a well balanced ‘heart friendly’ diet sans chocolate for a while, even if it is of the 80 % dark variety!

So back to the Heart Foundation website at and the Live Lighter website at I went, in search of any new and inspiring recipes to add to my current collection.

Luck was in … winter ideas abound and I have armed myself with a list of heart warming soups [have home grown pumpkins just picked so they should make a tasty bowl of delight] and dinners to begin serving to my table as soon as this little UNYOUNG JAM can.

Only downside of my heart check up was that I have gained 2 kilos since January – can I blame COVID? Methinks not as I know I have been indulging in too much dark ginger chocolate since lockdown began so it’s back to one solitary treat a week, starting TODAY UNYOUNG JAM!

So with this week’s dose of happiness provided to me by my very good medical results and with me feeling in fine fettle, my healthy heart and I adventure on.

Until tomorrow – take care.

Raindrops in the garden abound.

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