Today’s Adventure: Doing things that make me happy. 

Jam Fact:  I like living in our part of the world – so much to see and do.

Being UNYOUNG is a pretty good place to be in life.

Winter has arrived and with it a great variety of sunset skies to look at and appreciate and probably fabulous sunrises too but as it is pretty cold these mornings I am afraid these little UNYOUNG legs are relishing the warm bed instead! So maybe I can arise in time for a peek at a glorious sunrise sky next week. 

In the meantime, the paddocks have all been turned and the hay crop is in, my vegie patch is looking pretty good, the nasturtium garden is awash with colour  and soup time has finally arrived. What more could this little UNYOUNG JAM want?

Well maybe I could do with some coffee time, sewing time and lunch in the park with friends but as that all  happened this week I am indeed a very happy UNYOUNG!

Until next time – be happy – it is such a better feeling than the alternative.