Best walking day was around The Avon River in Northam WA

JAM FACT: I love all the birds on the Avon River.

A very good Walking Week this week, in fact I would go so far as to say it was an excellent walking week and any other similar descriptor words you can think of. A total of 53.84 kms was traversed across a number of different terrains by these little UNYOUNG JAM legs … my best distance so far.  

That puts me almost to the Irwin River Junction Road. It’s the Irwin River that flows between the twin towns of Dongara and Pt Dennison and with only 103.59 kms to go on my journey north, I can almost smell the ocean wafting across on the afternoon sea breeze.

The area is marketed as the “Rock Lobster Capital of Australia” and it is where I shall savour my very own special crayfish dinner.

So, the end of my walk is almost in sight, just a few more kms across the mid western landscape of mixed farming enterprises and I will be there.

Here’s to another successful walking week.

Until next time – happy walking in your part of the world.

Our dam partly filled after the last rains.

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