Today’s Adventure: STRESS LESS UNYOUNG JAM and Yoga lessons online!

Jam Fact: I like Yoga; it sometimes helps to keep my ‘demons’ at bay.

“Calm before the storm” – a true analogy for my latest attempts at resuming yoga sessions.

Booking my online yoga session was the easy part … the calm…it was the logging into the actual live session that became…the storm.

I was feeling pretty good about joining the online yoga group. I followed the Zoom download and the how to connect when ready instructions and I was confident that all was in readiness for me to become a participant in what I felt would be good for me –  a teacher led, calming yoga meditation session.

What actually happened on the morning in question was not in any way shape or form, how I envisaged the morning to unfold. My new found, whizz bang, easy to use technology let me down but I did not discover that little pearl of wisdom until much later in the day – long after the online yoga session without me in it, had well and truly finished.

At the time of login,I was in my new matching blue yoga gear…not as smart as the youngies wear to such sessions but none the less I looked the part, the trusty old yoga mat was laid out ready for action on the floor, the laptop was on standby waiting to receive the Zoom signal to activate the session and I was definitely feeling an inner calm that was just so ready for some relaxing moves.

The incoming ping of the email alerted me that the time to activate the ZOOM function was now. I believed I could do this ‘Zoom’ thing, the ad when I downloaded it told me it was easy, so there was no reason for me to think that it wouldn’t work. BUT!

It is suffice to say it turned out that I could not successfully ‘do’ the Zoom thing as 20 minutes later, I was still receiving the try again message; by then the anxious levels had elevated beyond my comfort zone, the new yoga shirt now had sweat marks on it from the sheer exasperation of me not being able to connect and despite me telling myself to breathe and to do it deeply for good measure, the link to activate said yoga lesson would just not eventuate.

I became stressed with a capital S, the time to join the session was slipping away and boy did I need some yoga to eliminate it but none came to the rescue and by then ‘the storm’ in my head had well and truly arrived!

An hour later, still sporting my by now, really sweaty yoga shirt – I solved the problem … a simple solution in the end…my WI FI connection in the house was dropping out, so it was not UNYOUNG JAM the operator’s fault after all. Why didn’t during my frustrated attempts at logging in, did I not think of that? Probably because ‘Tech Savvy I am not’ and this little UNYOUNG brain does not think laterally or analytically like it did in the old days!

However, all was not a total disaster, as the yoga teacher rang me later in the day and very kindly sent me a video of the session which I CAN activate.

So with downward dogs back in action and me breathing calmly in my new, washed yoga togs and successfully participating in the ‘video’ yoga session, I can safely say ‘the calm before storm’ now no longer applies to this little UNYOUNG JAM.

Until next time – have a great day. 


My Gerberas are in full bloom.

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