The magpies are always a welcome sight - well maybe not in swooping season!

Today’s Adventure: My walking week. 

Jam Fact: Still enjoying my walking, still with camera in hand. 

I have almost come to the end of my long “imaginary” walk from home to Pt Dennison.

I have only 51.54 kms to go after walking 52.05 last week.

It rained for most of the week but I still managed to find time in between the showers to get my walking boots on. I must say however, that walking was a little treacherous on the wet gravel driveways around the farm…must get some better ‘wet boots’ for when it is soggy and squelchy underfoot; my sage green leather walking boots are great but they do not like wet weather walking – they stain, so I really do need to invest in a new pair of all terrain rubber boots before the next lot of rain descends upon us.

I am headed in a north westerly direction now, travelling along the Brand Highway and getting closer to my long anticipated destination of Pt Dennison.

I continue on with excitement mounting, as the long awaited CRAYFISH dinner is now unmistakably within these UNYOUNG walking legs reach.

Until next time – happy walking in your part of the world.

The crop has sprouted - very good rain this past week.

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