Walking through the quiet streets of the sea side town of Dongara.

Today’s Adventure: I have done it. I have walked my way from home to Pt Dennison – 406.80 kms.

Jam Fact:  Walking brings me such joy.

Well, finally, my ‘imaginary’ walking trek is over and I can honestly say that it has not been a hardship at all. In fact it was a fun thing to do and especially to see how far along the journey I was at the end of each week.

 I commenced tracking my walk on the 27th April and completed it with some kms to spare on Saturday 20th June.

Not sure what that says about my walking capacity or my walking ability, I just know that I feel pretty good about the whole adventure and in my book that is ultimately all that counts.

The aim on completion of my walking spree was to reward myself with a self-indulgent crayfish dinner at Pt Dennison/Dongara – the ‘Rock Lobster’ capital of Australia! So stay tuned for that little happening in the not too distant future.

In the meantime – happy walking, imaginary or not, in your part of the world.



The fishing boat on the way out of Pt Dennison to catch MY Crayfish!

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