Dusk in my part of the world.

Today’s Adventure: The week that was.

Jam Fact: I do not like it when I am not firing on all cylinders!

unyoungisfun.com [launched 12 months ago] was created as a “wellbeing project” for this little UNYOUNG JAM. The commitment from the outset was that only positive things, including any happy snaps I could hit upon, would grace its pages and up until now that pretty much has been the case.

I am however a realist and being UNYOUNG can definitely have moments where I ask myself, what the heck is happening here and this last week was one of those times. Still there were some pretty good moments within the week too and that is what makes my life so good, even with the odd blip or two, so no need for me to complain at all!

Firstly I completed my imaginary walk to Pt Dennison, all 380 kms of it [am yet to consume the promised crayfish dinner in reality though], a good winter storm eventuated and as a result the vegie garden and fruit trees are looking pretty good but probably my favourite thing that happened was that MY J took me to lunch and shouted me a pancake with all the trimmings…a long time favourite for this little UNYOUNG and it did so cheer me up. I also had great fun day out with my friend D in downtown Toodyay, so what I ask myself, is there for me to be cantankerous about.

So, despite the ups and downs in my life… and let’s face it who doesn’t have them…I need to just ‘suck it up’ and keep  ensuring that I adventure happily on.

So … here’s a toast to unyoungisfun.com … for a great 12 months ahead and let’s hope that not only some seriously  good happy snaps manage to grace its pages but also that all the UNYOUNG JAM adventures turn out to be really, truly awesome ones.

Until next time – be kind to yourself.

A very healthy crop of mandarins this year.

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