Jam Fact: I know very little about the names of gum trees.

We settled here in 2000. It was a fairly clear block and I decided pretty early on that the driveway in, needed to have a ‘farm look.’

I purchased 10 different gums and at the time all had labels but with the passing of time they have all disintegrated into the dirt. These days I have a bit of a penchant for taking photos of anything and everything including happy snaps of those gums, especially in flowering season.

I can no longer recall the names of those gums despite pressing my memory button and even searching the inner sanctums of my mind and so I began a search to find out just what they are.

A friend of mind sent me the link to the Kings Park website – not sure why my brain didn’t search there as I visit Kings Park 8/9 times a year; have done since way back – even my early dates in the sixties took me there-it’s pretty much always been a favourite haunt for young lovers and I can attest that the midnight views from the various parking spots are really something to see plus it was an old training ground back in my dinosaur era athletic days when these little UNYOUNG legs could speedily run a mile or two so I am well aware of its beauty and scope, especially the native flora.

I have identified all 10 trees now [thanks to the King’s Park website]- not sure if I will remake any labels for them but I have picked my  favourite tree – it is the scrubbiest of all but none the less offers up the prettiest buds, flowers and seed pods every year – so it is definitely in my number one spot.

So here we are 20 years later and the gum trees I planted all those years ago, have certainly met my expectations and fulfilled my wish of having a very eye-catching, tree lined, ‘farm look’ driveway and the added bonus is that I now know the names [not the botannical just the common] name of every one of them!

Until next time – stay safe and warm.

My zygocactus is flowering for the first time!

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