Today’s Adventure: Adventures with a difference.

Jam Fact: I am resilient after all.

Over the last 27 days my life has been just a tad interesting even if I say so myself.

I have experienced many, many adventures [some good, some not so good…like in I never, ever want them to be repeated] so over the next week or so, I will attempt to share some of the highlights of those days with you.

I accept as absolutely true that I have had a bit of a rough time but I will seek to stay within the spirit of My Blog and only recount those ‘adventures’ that presented as positively yet unique experiences for me.

27 days is not a long time in the scheme of things…if you say it quickly so what…I ask myself, have I to whinge or complain about.

I had adventures so what more could this little UNYOUNG JAM want!

Until next time – if you are not in COVID… hug yourself and then hug as many as your family and friends that you can because  none of us ever know what tomorrow will bring until it gets here.




My photos today are just some of the many flowers that I had the privilege to enjoy over the last 27 days. Definitely not grown by me!

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