One of my, on your back views from '5 star Accom.' number 1 .

Today’s Adventure: Life’s highway has many a blip. Sometimes those blips are BIG, sometimes they are small.

Jam Fact: Adversity and I are not always compatible.

I’m a Capricorn, so I am a stickler for routines. I’m definitely not comfortable with unexpected happenings…expect the unexpected is just not in my DNA because I like good things happening with maybe just a little bit of the not so good thrown in just to keep me on an even keel.

The definition of unexpected is “chances are it is not going to happen” and that my friends is so not true as something unexpected really did happen to little UNYOUNG me. [like you know a 1 in 10,000 experience.]

Let me elaborate.

An unexpected event comes from nowhere and can be exciting or inconvenient. My event turned out to be an exceptionally inconvenient one. So a long story short … A perforated spleen that ended up rupturing, courtesy of an errant colo/endoscopy camera [methinks the operator may have coughed at maybe an inopportune time] so believe me when I say a PS is OUCH with a capital O.

During the past month…since my ‘hole in one’ occurred … whilst it has been a bit of an ordeal in some ways there were a number of pleasures within that time that not everyone has the opportunity to experience.


  • I lost 4 kilos in 6 days – my head had enormous fun planning what new clothes I could buy when I recovered because it just wouldn’t feel right to ruin the line of my old clothes by taking them in from a size 14 down to a very respectable …haven’t been this size since goodness knows when… and very lovable, size 10! So new clothes it’s gonna be –  what a fun outing that will be when it happens – yeah, good things will definitely be coming my way again! 
  • Lying on my back for 7 days straight was doable after all and there were some pretty nice cloud formations to observe too so I say that was a good thing UNYOUNG JAM.
  • In the next 2 months of recovery which will consist of me just ‘resting’ I will be able to do lots of embroidery so that’s a plus in itself because as some of you know I love my embroidery.
  • I also asked myself … what treat can I reward myself with for enduring an unexpected happening? My list grew as the month went on and is still growing exponentially as I write which is also a good thing.


So as I watched the ever changing happenings through my ‘5 star accommodation window’ I reminded myself many a time that…bad things don’t last forever [thanks MY J for that little pearl of wisdom] and as I haven’t quite reached the good times just yet, I’m quietly confident that they will come again because you just simply can’t keep a good old Capricornian down and that’s little  old UNYOUNG me.

Until next time – enjoy every bit of what life has on offer for you.

View from '5 star Accom.' number 2.

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