Today’s Adventure: Choosing from a set menu is not easy.

Jam Fact: I can be a picky, fussy eater.

On day 7 of my misfortune this little UNYOUNG JAM was instructed to eat a high protein diet. The Dr said “you need fattening up JAM.”What you ask brought that comment on? The aftermath of losing 4 kilos in 6 days!

So…what to choose to eat – there were such good choices too but after the 23rd and final day since the ‘hole in one’ happened and after many a menu had crossed my bedside table, I can look back and say that my best meals were undoubtedly the rack of lamb, the Thai pork noodle salad and the Massaman curry. They each scored a very worthy 10 and I wrote a note to the chef to say how much I had enjoyed them. At the opposite end was some spaghetti thing which I definitely did not order again. [There was certainly no note to the chef that day!]

              In addition to the set menu choices I was also spoilt in a number of other ways.

 I …

  • Absolutely loved the freshly picked garden peas from our home veggie patch, the punnets of very sweet and oh so tasty strawberries and the variety of raw nuts that My J brought in
  • Totally fell in love with the Ginger Kick Tea[ never been a tea drinker prior] that my friend M brought me
  • Fell fully in love with the freshly baked banana cake from the afternoon tea trolley
  • Was very much taken with the dark choc my friend S brought me
  • Truly loved the Long Blacks from the cafe downstairs that my friend G brought me
  • AND fully appreciated that I did not have to lift not one finger to either prepare or cook any of it. How lucky was I.


I was also lucky enough to experience the eating joys of life on a daily basis and some of the lost weight was back on in no time and I think now that I am back home that I should just merrily eat on!

Until next time – happy eating in your part of the world!

The rack of lamb that scored a 10.

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