Now this is a "5 star accommodation " view to cherish at last!

Today’s Adventure: I WRITE OFF THE MONTH OF JULY. ONLY POSITIVE VIBES ALLOWED… I am not veering from the original intent of my blog… only writing about happy adventures.

Jam Fact: I like to be happy.

I am back with MY J in our part of the world. My recent, almost all of July adventure away from home is finally over. Recovery is still ongoing but it is SO good to be in amongst my own things again.

I learnt the following pearls of wisdom whilst I was away.

  • Cold, overcooked or undercooked toast is okay to eat after all. [Says this little Goldilocks who has always insisted on it being ‘just right!’]
  • Lying flat on your back and not moving is a doable thing even if you have never done it before. [There’s a first time for everything after all!]
  • Helicopters landing on roof tops are noisy but interesting to watch [pity my phone camera wasn’t ready to capture the underside of the helicopter hovering, awaiting to land any of the many times it happened!]
  • The spleen is a very delicate body part. [Who knew …. certainly not me… obviously my anatomy lessons in high school didn’t cover that point or this little brain has lost that bit of applicable information!]
  • “It is what it is” is a very true statement. [I cannot change what happened to me … it wasn’t deliberately done but GEEZ! Was I unlucky statistically… most definitely as not everyone receives a ruptured spleen courtesy of an errant colonoscopy camera!]
  • “In a minute” as a response from a request to a nurse is an overused phrase. We are all guilty of saying it … maybe as a diversionary tactic and we certainly don’t actually mean that time frame as in 60 seconds. I discovered in reality that it literally can actually mean up to a very long 5 minutes [Not good if you need the bathroom in a hurry!]
  • Contrary to that previous statement is the 10 second response you get from a nurse if you unexpectedly and unceremoniously fall out of bed whilst in the simple act of getting up. [My Drs, nursing staff, rehab team and food team overall were absolutely fantastic –thank you!]  
  • Hospital room mates are ‘interesting’ people with interesting habits and remarkable quirks … those thoughts were probably reciprocal but none the less my room partners were pretty good to have especially when you need help in a hurry. [Paying for a private hospital room does not always mean there will be one available when you actually need it]
  • There are lots of people worse off than me. [Yes lots.. rehab is an eye opener in more ways than one!]
  • A fancy air bed, complete with remote controls are a great help when you are nursing an internal injury. [When I was feeling better I had a lot of fun with that remote control!]
  • FRIENDS when you are below par are really, really good to have; FAMILY are pretty good to have too; a Loving Husband … priceless.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone involved with my care over the last month. I couldn’t have done it without

Forrest Gump said “life is like a box of chocolate.” I always thought that was pretty good analogy and now it is definitely ringing true for me. I have just experienced some chocolate I didn’t like but now that I am happily ensconced back in my world with MY J, I am in recovery, the month of July is behind me and the box of chocolates in front of me now is looking pretty good. What more could this little UNYOUNG JAM want or need.

Until next time – enjoy as much good chocolate as you can.


My Zygocactus was still in full flower when I got home.

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