A storm is brewing in our part of the world.

Today’s Adventure:I WALK A RECORD 50 metres on my own and the Zimmer is parked!

Jam Fact: I am feeling chuffed with myself!

Today is a big day in the recovery of this little UNYOUNG JAM.

I finally felt strong enough to leave the Zimmer inside and to confidently venture outside without that trusty steed to fall back on.  I managed okay even if I didn’t walk very far but it was on my own and that felt if truth be told…so good.

It was really great to feel the fresh air and the gentle breeze on my face, to see and touch the wattle in full bloom in the driveway… such a vibrant yellow it is too and to see the hay crop tall enough to now be waving in the wind.  

Such small things in reality but given where I was this time last month such a big step forward for me. The rehab regime is now a distant memory but it did play a huge part in me being able to achieve a 50 metre walk without the trusty Zimmer today. A full recovery is pretty much now a given so it’s well done UNYOUNG JAM even if I say so myself!

Hope you have a great weekend.

Until next time … “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” Ralph Martsen.

A gift gerbera box which cheered me up no end.

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