GREY HAIRS? I have a head full of them!

Today’s Adventure: How to get grey hairs happening on this little UNYOUNG’S head.

Jam Fact: I am 72 years old.

A full head of shiny multi coloured grey hair is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you happen to unexpectedly come by it I say flaunt it!

My journey to sporting a full head of grey was very short indeed – a ruptured spleen, a not so easy 3 ++ week hospital stay and VOILA! I now am a genuine, fully fledged grey haired UNYOUNG JAM.

But all is not lost as it is not just a plain old grey, it is in fact many shades of grey – who knew there was such a range on the paint palette of life!

I am therefore:

  • Wholeheartedly embracing the new look for UNYOUNG JAM
  • Organising for it to be cut very soon into a new beaut style
  • Purchasing some colourful trendy looking clothes that will enhance it even more [methinks shades of blue, maybe a sapphire colour – that sounds nice and then maybe some varying shades of plum.]
  • Chalking it up as another inevitable milestone in the life of this little UNYOUNG JAM


So in summary it is suffice to just say that I am alive and here and because of that I am going to flaunt my new grey look for all its worth. Life is just too short to do otherwise.

Until next time – never look back. What’s done is done and go the greys! 

Despite the recent rains the wattle in the driveway is still looking pretty impressive.

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