Mum's Freesias are out.

Today’s Adventure: The check up ultrasound is looking good.

Jam Fact: My spleen is on the mend – Yeah!

I have had the best week.

Sometimes I feel UNYOUNG and all that being over 70 entails and then other times I feel UNYOUNG but oh so YOUNG at heart. This week was one of those times.

My spleen team provided me with a 6 week update and they are extremely happy with my progress. It appears that my excellent fitness levels going into my recent drama have played an important role in my recovery; so all those steps these little UNYOUNG JAM legs have walked in recent times and the heart healthy diet that I pretty much follow [well apart from the occasional dark chocolate break out that I periodically have] have proven to be significant key elements in the recovery process which has been in the words of the Dr…exceptional. Lucky me I say!

It’s a healing milestone that certainly deserved a bit of a celebration, so I took a wander around the garden [by myself and I walked further than I have in the last 6 weeks which in itself was cause for some exuberance from MY J and I] and I discovered that many of my springtime plants are currently flowering and are also attracting lots of bees so I couldn’t resist a photo or two. [I noted that I was a tad out of photo practise as many were hugely blurred when I downloaded them and here I was thinking I had captured a shot of the week at the time too!Never mind about that though, I am back in action and that is all that in the scheme of things, really matters. ]

Today’s milestone is also a signal that I can begin planning to get my life back on track i.e. preparing for some adventures of the highest order…so all is definitely excellent in my part of the world.

Being UNYOUNG has its moments in regard to health issues but it is now crystal clear to me more than ever that being a very healthy UNYOUNG JAM is a must… so it is definitely onwards and upwards from here on in, with plenty of healthy fitness activities on the agenda.

Until next time –  stay safe and remember- the sun will come up on a new day tomorrow so make it a good one.


The Geraldton Wax is out.

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