Heaps of pink and grey galahs around.

Today’s Adventure: I have been out, [well a little bit out] and about exploring some of our block and seeing it with from a new perspective-like I am really looking and appreciating all the really good things that are here in my life.

Jam Fact: I have always liked the birds around here especially the Red Breasted Robin. They are my favourites.

Yesterday I rugged myself up, slotted the camera into my pocket just in case I spied the shot of the week and then ventured out into the blustery winds. I headed  east, along the gravel road past the shed and then down the side fence line. I managed to dodge most of the puddles left behind after the recent very good downpours of rain, although I did sort of jump in one just because I could.

 I relished every minute of that walk even if I am not sure that I managed to take the shot of the week. [Given that I had gloves on and by the time I got the hands and the camera ready, my favourite bird had already flown]

It was great to see that the oat crop is soaking up all the ground moisture and you can almost see it growing before your eyes. The dam is overflowing, the raft of ducks were all enjoying the freshened up dam water and there were literally birds everywhere…either fossicking on the ground, alighting and perching in trees or soaring over head but all were squawking or chirping or just giving off their various sounds that I can’t really identify but they all seemed to be pretty happy to me and so was I.

I have always enjoyed the birds around here and can name most of them but the magpies [yes I know it is coming up swooping season] but for the moment they are pretty cool to watch and observe. There appear to be more around than last year but who really knows for sure… I certainly don’t do a count –well only on the swooping ones and there are a couple of resident ones of those that I definitely know and have come a little too close for comfort to on more than one occasion but I’ve never been really hurt so that’s okay and we are after all, living in amongst their bush territory. 

This cold, rainy and somewhat bleak spring weather has even inspired me to get back to my embroidery. I have decided to challenge myself [not sure exactly what came over me to do that well I do really… methinks after the recent drama that this little UNYOUNG JAM is going to challenge herself in more ways than one from now on in, given the ‘near miss’] and so I have picked up on an old design that I never really wanted to do as in my book it was just way too hard. It is full of long and short stitch or as I call it long and bloody… excuse my ‘French’ here… short stitch, I say bloody because I am not very good at it despite having practised it a lot… well clearly not a lot as I would be able to do it well if I had really practised, so I need to stop jesting with myself and just get on with it. 

So in amongst the bird watching and the embroidery workings here at home, I am as they say…getting on with life and the already planned ‘away from home adventures’ are not too far away now because this little UNYOUNG JAM after her ‘long’ walk yesterday, is feeling  A Okay.

Until next time –make tomorrow awesome so it makes today jealous.

My long and short b..... stitch embroidered bird.

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