oops - I see that the blue berry flowers are not quite in focus! Still, trust me they are looking good!

Today’s Adventure: Remembering how to recharge my FITBIT.

Jam Fact: I have a FITBIT CHARGE 3.

Eight weeks down with four to go before I get the ‘all clear signal’ but I am feeling stronger each day and these little UNYOUNG feet are just raring to go, so all is in readiness for that signal to be finally activated. If truth be known, these last few days have found me chaffing at the bit because I feel like I’m ready to get back out there but I do understand and totally accept and will definitely continue to adhere to the ‘go slowly mantra’ that was recently bestowed upon me.

I tentatively, with my charged up FITBIT, adventure on though and despite the weather here in my part of the world still being a tad bleak, all parts of the garden are showing lots of new growth despite the daily cold temperatures. The most impressive development has come from my blueberry bush. It is flowering profusely; I have never seen so many little pink blossom clusters on its spindly, leafless little branches. [Must be as a result of all the coffee grounds MY J has been feeding it, for it to be thriving just so…good one MY J.] I am looking forward to its leaves and fruit developing soon, with the berries being ready to pick hopefully by late October. The peach, nectarine, grape vines, fig and roses all have new shoots on them too.  The rose currently with the strongest and best shoots is my Pierre de Ronsard climber, so I am looking forward to its first pale red, dusty pink and  white tinted flowers, appearing in late October.

The mandarins and oranges have all been picked and eaten [nice crop they were too] and the cumquats have all finished. I let the birds eat the cumquats this year … last year I made cumquat jam/ marmalade. It was very tasty but I definitely didn’t go for a repeat – finely slicing the small fruits, together with removing their pips and pith proved to be very labour intensive and my patience was just not on offer or available this year. We didn’t love the jam that much and as I found a lot of half eaten fruit on the ground, obviously the birds weren’t in love with the cumquats this year either!

The lime tree is fruiting for the first time with the actual fruits now about the size of golf balls so I await the final growth spurt as soon as the spring warmer weather arrives and then I shall be picking and slicing and using them to flavour my ‘pretend alcoholic drinks’ with.

My little walks, [FITBIT recording a mere 1500 steps]  shall continue on for now but as the end of my 12 week saga approaches [whilst it will be met with some trepidation it will certainly be met with a great deal of excitement] I am feeling, somewhat emotional about it all.  During my… feels like a ‘COVID quarantine lock down’ but it wasn’t… I spent some time,[well a lot actually] planning some adventures with a difference and now I am getting closer to actually being able to go on some of them, I am finding it difficult to contain some of that excitement. Still, as this little UNYOUNG JAM knows… all good things come to those who wait… so wait for the ‘all clear signal’I must.

Until next time – plan yourself some fun, now that spring time is here.

New bottlebrush buds.

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