Today’s Adventure:I have had a fabulous weekend. I have been out and about.

Jam Fact:I love this almost springtime weather.

Another milestone reached. It is now ‘safe’ [methinks the medical term for it is, low risk] for me to be out and about in a car – imagine that, a take for granted and such a small thing for some but a huge step forward for this little UNYOUNG JAM. I was so lucky to be out about in a car or maybe that was two or three cars, whatever, I had a fabulous weekend driving around in wheels both big and small and the days were full of surprises plus, plus and my weekend was definitely, totally a blast.

It all started on Friday, when my group of sewing friends chose to drive to downtown Northam for lunch and my very special UBER picked me up on the way.  We had a great day and I left them all…some in the main street of Northam, the others from the comfort of my UBER, feeling really happy. They had all driven from their mostly ‘city lifestyle homes’ to see a bit of the countryside and I was really happy that they did so.

On Saturday I went shopping with MY J for the first time since March [COVID days plus my sojourn days.] It was almost a surreal feeling being back in the shops and all my favourite things on special did not evade our basket, so we came home with a little more than what was on the list but who cares … my new mantra is … if it feels good just do it and I most certainly did.

On Sunday we met our good neighbours J and I for a ‘birthday brunch’ at Dome in Northam. [MY J and I are both August birthday boys]  We had a great time; the food was very enjoyable –well apart from them forgetting to serve J’s fruit salad- the company was excellent and the walk by the Avon River rewarded me with the wonderful sight of the regal, majestic white swans.

I was pretty exhausted by the end of all of the days but it was worth every minute because being able to be out an about is a huge reward just in itself.

Until next time – have a great week – remember every day is a gift – so enjoy!

Dome in Northam

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