Didn't swoop me - always a bonus!

Today’s Adventure: Out and about enjoying the warm and sunnier days.

Jam Fact: I need a good dose of Vitamin D!

I love springtime and all the things that it brings.

The dandelions, otherwise known to us as cape weed, are well and truly out. The uncropped paddocks [not sure there is such a word as uncropped but the paddocks that haven’t been cropped] are full of buttery coloured, little sun loving dandelion flowers. The plants themselves are as wide as they are high and seem to be in great abundance this year or is that just this little UNYOUNG’s memory thinking that what is here today is simply the best. I do know for sure that the loads of bees that are around  are having a very, very busy time buzzing from one flower head to another and they appear to be absolutely loving all the pollen and nectar that is currently on offer. Not only are the dandelions creating a bees’ paradise but the garden daisies and freesias are adding to that landscape too.  It’s all a signal that spring time is happening right here in my part of the world and that’s so good to see. [Hope all is looking good in your part of the world too]  

The birds of course are not to be outdone and yesterday whilst getting my daily dose of Vitamin D [an UNYOUNG’s delight] I noted that there are also loads of them around. The magpies were in a foraging frenzy in the front yard, which was relaxing for me to watch; the one that I think is the Dad magpie was not thank goodness in swooping mood because I have been on the receiving end of one or two of his protective swoops and they always scare the living daylights out of me, so no complaints about the somewhat friendly magpies really but I can’t say the same of the parrots. They were having a field day pecking off all the new juicy geranium shoots and virtually decimating the plants and leaving behind just the bare naked stem . [My humble efforts to get them to totally stay away were futile, they just returned when I wasn’t around so as I’m not going for Gardener of the Year I need to stop whingeing about it and just let nature take its course]  

Tomorrow is the last day of winter and that means on Tuesday it will be officially spring here in my part of the world and for this little UNYOUNG JAM it’s a very significant day for a very, very good reason. It’s my ‘all clear’ day and my life as I want it to be will be back in full swing.

So roll on springtime… I am so ready for it. Why? Because I already have a spring in my step, I know that the sun will come up tomorrow [even if I won’t actually get up in time to see it rise], I have some exciting adventures planned, you could even say… I am like a dog with two tails…so what more may I ask, could this little UNYOUNG JAM want.

Until next time – today is a very good day to be happy.

The Dandelions are everywhere!

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