The creek under the old Clackline Bridge

Today’s Adventure: Exploring my options for a subscribe button on my BLOG.

Jam Fact: I am getting better at understanding technology things.

Updating my Blog with a subscribe button turned out to be a little more technical than I thought despite an UNYOUNG website telling me otherwise or should I say this little UNYOUNG brain didn’t need any stress so I consulted with an expert in the business. [This young man who owns this Digital business set up my blog and if anyone is looking to add some digital fun to their lives I can highly recommend]

So in a week or so, a subscribe button will appear as an additional feature somewhere on my adventure tale pages.  B at “CDA” has, in ‘UNYOUNG speak’ explained my options and I am looking forward to the resulting outcome. I have learned a lot from his wise counsel on all the things that apply to my ongoing foray into the world of technology and I must say it is keeping this little UNYOUNG’S brain ticking over nicely!

On a completely different note, I ventured out driving today. [‘All clear’ happened –Yeah!] I must admit that I was a little rusty in the parking department… just as well the curbing is low in the main street of downtown Northam as I scaled it twice before I successfully reversed into the space and it was also fortuitous that there were 3 empty bays in front which allowed me to finally and fully straighten the vehicle up.  Still I’m driving again and it feels so good to be “Driving Miss Daisy herself.” [Must remember to always find a park with plenty of room, for the next few drives just in case the driving rustiness is still hanging around!]

Speaking of technology, I have also finally worked out how to zoom and focus my little NIKON camera. Plus …I can also delete all those photos that I take that turn out to be so out of focus when I download them but always seem to be in focus when I take them. Still as they say…You can’t win them all and if I can manage to work out how to successfully complete some technological things, then that… in this  little UNYOUNG JAM’S book  is  just awesome.  

Until next time – I am still like a happy dog with two tails.

The old Clackline bridge.

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