My winning photo this week IS a winner!

My winning shot!

Today’s Adventure:Looking for interesting photos to take.

Jam Fact: I like taking photos.

Taking photos became part of my life when my ‘adventure days’ began. They were a way of keeping this little UNYOUNG’S mind and body in a positive and healthy place and I have had such a lot of fun taking them. I even set myself a challenge to get some really good shots so that I could don my pretend Photographer Judge hat and select a ‘winning shot for the week.’

My little Nikon Coolpix is compact and extremely easy to use. Trust me when I say I need the easy to use bit – taking photos was never my thing but as my adventure days roll on, I have to admit that I have become a bit of an addict and I try really hard to get a ‘shot of the week’. That in itself is a challenge as it makes me think outside the square and the added bonus is that it really helps me to focus and to stay in the upbeat zone.

I am a ‘member’ [not sure that is the right term] of the Heart Foundation Facebook Walking group page. The Foundation has been running a photo competition for the last few weeks .I have entered a few times but have not been selected as the winner until this week and … BIG surprise… MY ‘big’ ant photo won! Yes, can you believe it? Little UNYOUNG JAM is a winner; entered under the Facebook pseudonym of JENNY MAC. [Note to self…you do not need to don your photo judging hat this week –the winner has already been selected for you and no second place pick required either!]

I have won myself a Heart Foundation hat and a t-shirt [a size SML – me now being a small size is pretty amazing in itself] that says …I WILL WALK TOMORROW TODAY on it. Methinks that it’s an excellent and very appropriate prize for this little UNYOUNG seeing as I am on the…I can walk again comeback trail.

I reckon that the adage “good things come in little packages” is true because my little compact Nikon is very easy to use, my little ‘big’ ant close up photo is a winner, I can now fit into a ‘little’ size t-shirt [and yes their sizing is pretty standard so it’s for real] and my little legs are back walking after receiving the ‘all clear’ signal; so this little UNYOUNG JAM is a little bit pleased with herself. [The word little actually means BIG time happy in UNYOUNG speak.]

So, I have big plans for this coming week. I’m intending to get out there…rain, hail or shine, [which I note our little weather forecaster on the kitchen bench is predicting], do some serious adventuring and definitely find something really, really interesting to capture so it is a worthy ‘shot of the week’ winner, next week.

Until next time – I am going to remember that being happy is a choice.

An even closer up version of Mr Big Ant!

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